Sunday, January 01, 2006

What I am wishing for in 2006 - Part I

hehehe...Well kiddies how are ye? I sincerely hope that in 2006 your wishes come true. My wishes for 2006 don't have to do with anything related to peace or some other stuff like that. They all have to do with IT, electronics, and related stuff. First and foremost, I wish that I have a serious connection to the 'net. I am kinda tired of my 5KB connection and my adventures in Starbucks. What I wish for is a wireless broadband connection. No more cables for me. I have more than enough of that at work. When I manage to scrap more than a few bucks for that, I want to have several servers to polish my skills on (yikes!) Windows Server Systems, Linux (yeah baby!), and the grand daddy of them all Mac OS Server. Speaking of which, Mac announced last year that it partnered with Intel to develop CPUs for their machines. This is a picture of supposedly the new Intel logo for the Mac PCs (can I call them that?).

And from experience Mac OS X runs great on PCs. The only issue I have with that is why Macintosh doesn't just release Mac OS for PCs and forgets about developing their own hardware? Steve Jobs, if you want to bury Microsoft and their crap forever, release the OS for the rest of humanity!! Don't be concerned with proprietary stuff and the niche of your most loyal followers. True, if released you software will become the target of those hideous things that Windows is infamous for: hackers and people that have nothing constructive to do. But do not despair. Charge me whatever you want. I will buy it and I won't regret it!

Anyways, if that can't happen I wish for a
Mac G4 17-inch PowerBook and a Power Mac G5 Quad. I am not asking for much, am I? Well these are just wishes that I will work very hard to attain. Oh, I almost forgot. I wish also that 2006 brings me a Xserve G5 complete with an Xserve RAID. I've worked in the past with these two great products and believe me, Windows has nothing when compared with Mac OS X Server. This is starting to look like a Xmas wish list. Get it?

Well, I also wish that all the projects that I have now get finished before the summer. It has taken me an unbelievable amount of time to clean up the mess at some places to learn that the JP (
Junta de Planificación, Ha what a joke!) is planning to take over a lot of the stuff that already ARPE has under their control. I am not a government employee, just a sub-contractor. All I am going to comment for the time being is that if what the report says will happen, then I am wasting my time and it proves once again that the government doesn't have a clue of what it is doing and just wasting my dollars. No planning and no clear cut road map. Thinking a little bit of what I want in 2006, an iPod doesn't come to mind. I had one and really I bought it because I was riding the TU but I don't do that anymore so I swapped it for something more useful. I wish that I could find a good local place where I could take my cameras and lenses and get a thorough cleaning and inspection. I am somewhat jealous of my equipment and I don't want to send it overseas. When that is done, I can dedicate more time to my other blog. Well that's it for now. Have fun!


At Sunday, January 01, 2006 12:22:00 PM, Blogger Goddess said...

Buenos dias Javier:
Feliz Año...


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