Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The deranged leading the lunatics

This is just a subject that I have tried to not get into but given the demagogery sipped to the inhabitants of this island, I have to. Below there is a picture of Pedro Albizu Campos. By some he is one of the valiants, one of the most revered figures of Puerto Rican history, a true patriot. To others he is one of the most reviled and sinister characters that has ever passed through the island. A being that brought terrorism and violence to the daily routine of Puerto Ricans. Who is right? Both are right. Both are wrong.
This guy was born on September 1891 (others say 1893), in Ponce, Puerto Rico. He was born a black Puerto Rican man. He was born poor. Historians agree that the young kid Pedro Albizu Campos was indeed a bright kid. Raised catholic, he was chosen in his village by the local priest to go to school, all expenses paid. This decision paid off since he was offered in 1912 a scholarship to go study Engineering, specializing in Chemistry, at the University of Vermont. In 1913 he continued his studies in Harvard University. Before WWI, he volunteered in the United States Infantry. He fought in WWI in an African American unit, being later discharged as a first lieutenant. Returning in 1919 to Harvard University, he was elected president of Harvard's Cosmopolitan Club, first Puerto Rican elected to that position (and probably the only one). He met with foreign students and lecturers, like Sudas Ghandra Gose (Indian Nationalist leader with Gandhi) and the Hindu poet Rabindranath Tagore. He became interested in the cause of Indian independence and helped to establish several centers in Boston for Irish Independence. He met Eamon de Valera and later be consulted in the drafting of the constitution of the Irish Free State. He graduated from Harvard University obtaining a Law degree as well as degrees in Literature, Philosophy, Chemical Engineering and Military Science. He was fluent in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Latin and Greek. At the time he received job offers as Hispanic representative for a protestant church, as a legal aide to the U.S. Supreme Court, and in the U.S. State Department's diplomatic corps in Mexico, yet Albizu opted to return to Puerto Rico. (Thanks to Wikipedia for the article)

This is the picture of the lunatics that still adore the "teachings" this monster left behind. His writings are always clamoring for something: political independence of Puerto Rico from the United States. But something makes Pedro Albizu Campos different from the countless others that have come and gone preaching the same. Pedro Albizu Campos clamors for gaining indepence using violence. By any means necessary, as some say. He led the Nationalist Party in a violence spree that covered decades, even after his death. A devout catholic, according to himself, claiming that violence is the only way to achieve independence from the US? The president of the Cosmopolitan Club @ Harvard University, a guy that befriended Indian nationalist leaders that were in the same struggle for independence from their rulers that preached civil disobedience, told many times that violence was the only way. I can imagine him talking about how erroneous were the Indians in not taking arms to get themselves free from the UK. All this from a guy that was blinded by his greed of power and blood.


At Thursday, July 14, 2005 8:13:00 PM, Blogger fukmanifestdestiny said...

Do you remember the United States peaceful and lead-free independence from England and the native-american get-together after that? Oh! and I forgot, the current Friendship Summit 04' in Iraq! This fellow puertorrican knew the facts. He wasn't drinking the colonialist serum the a vast percentage of puerto rican were getting since the Spaniards and apparently you're getting drunk with it. Violence is a language the United States does speak and teach. He was trying to communicate.


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