Wednesday, January 12, 2005

It still holds truth to it...almost 2 years later

This is something that I wrote almost two years ago on another web site and by God, it still holds a lot of truth to it when I read it. Here it goes:
"My almost-daily-rant is here so brace yourselves.

It`s been a while since I posted a rant. Today is May 27, 2003 and it`s been pretty bad weather-wise here in Boston. What should I talk about? Politics? Good idea. Let`s start by saying that unlike my nick says, I am not a partidary of the Republican party. But my views are somewhat conservative-right down the middle. I like to call myself a liberal republican or a convervative liberal. Oxymorons? Don`t think so. So, there are a zillion candidates for President for the Democratic Party that think, maybe better put, are dreaming of winning against Busshie. It is not that I like Quick Draw McBush but c`mon, I wouldn`t go against Bush after all that`s being done. Yes, yes. The economy is in shambles but it was starting to go down since Clinton`s last year and a half. Everyone said it. The economy was taking a dive. People, this is normal. Economies go up and come back down. It is a natural process. If you people stop watching that crap that you get to see in Univision and Telemundo and concentrated efforts to watch CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, ect. you would have an unbiased appraisal of the situation right now. Instead of blaming Bush for the economy, blame all those CEOs that inflated the real value of their companies. Blame all those analysts that got paid under the table to make look that a company stock was the next hot thing to buy. But don`t blame Bush. One man does not have the power to make the economy go up or down. These Dems think that with the economy issue they will win the Presidency. If the Dems win the Presidency what should we expect from these morons? Raise my taxes?? That is what these stupid Democrats seem to do every time. They make the government bigger and raise taxes. I want a government that is small, quick and get things done right. I want my taxes lowered. I do want all the rich people taxes raised because they can afford it. They won`t be poor because they get a raise on their tax bracket. So stop it ok? These rich latinos they need to get their act together. You are still a monkey in the eyes of the rest of the population. Including mine. One thing I detest almost to the point of hate is a rich Latino that thinks that is better than me or anyone else. And when you get these 20 or 30 people backing a politician, it makes me sick. Did you forget all of a sudden from the jungle you came from? Did you forget that you were poor and had nothing to eat? What about your compadres? What about your cuates? What about those that are still poor? What about those that are still trying to survive in your pueblo back in your country? This is why I hate these stupid rich people. Once they "made the american dream" they easily forget about their compueblanos. They become part of what is wrong with humans today. Greed blinds the heart. People say we need to unite in order to amass the "great power" of being latino right now. Right now we are a fad. Latinos is the only section of the population that is actually spending more compared to this time last year. Some say that is a commendable action. I say are you stupid or what? Save your money, stash it, and make it work. Don`t spend it. Credit for latinos is so bad, they even get denied when trying to get a forged credit card. People, you will never get to be as rich as these rats that own Univision or those that actually buy the goverment of Mexico. Wait a minute. They are the same people. Anyways, you will be poor. Middle class income at best. Stop trying to reach that BMW 7 series sedan. It won`t happen. Settle with that Kia that you have right now.
" Amen.


At Wednesday, January 12, 2005 9:42:00 PM, Blogger Shery said...

Hey pasando por aqui y hechando un saludo. Es q me da flojera leer el INGLES... pero no es justo q me escribas y yo NO a ti... so, besos!


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